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Rehabilitation is a therapeutic program designed to facilitate the process of recovery from injury, illness, or disease to as normal a condition as possible. In short, it is a step-by-step process toward recovery.


The purpose of rehabilitation is to restore some or all of the patient's physical, sensory, and mental capabilities that were lost due to injury, illness, or disease. Rehabilitation includes assisting the patient to compensate for deficits that cannot be reversed medically.

Undergoing physical rehabilitation following injury, illness, or disease, including amputations, arthritis, cancer, cardiac disease and operation, neurological problems, orthopaedic injuries, spinal cord injuries, stroke and traumatic brain injuries will maximise your potential to return to function once more.

 The duration of the physical therapy program varies depending on the injury/illness being treated and the patient's response to therapy.

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Home About Rati Moele Services Articles Contacts

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